A pioneer department of the institute has established with a mission of bringing comprehensive revolution in the approach, attitude and mindset of tomorrow's technocrats. It has highly experienced, qualified, devoted & dedicated staff. The competitive & enthusiastic environment exist in the repayments for both staff & student. Department has developed state of art laboratories with combined team effod of staff as well as student.

Department has full equipped Basic electronic lab, Industrial electronic lab, Communication lab, Digital & Microprocessor lab, Electrical lab, newly developed electronic software lab which covers electronic devices & circuits, linear integrated circuits, digital electronics, microprocessor, microcontroller, radars, digital communication, microwave engg. & fiber optic communication areas.

Department conducts various technical seminars, symposia & Workshops for the students & faculty members. Department supports to the students by all means to articipate in various activities like paper presentation, quiz competition, conducted by MSBTE, ISTE.

Department motivates students to go for application of electronics in industry & new horizons of applications are opened up for the students. Our exults are excellent, Students won prizes in IEDSSA sport tournaments in chess, wrestling, weight lifting, athletics, cricket, football. The faculty members of the department actively published technical papers in various national conferences every year.