A college with a difference

  • Here is a college in it's formative stages but already has created its place on the educational map of Pune.
  • Here is college which knows that 'teaching' is impossible but everything can be learnt.
  • In this campus, you would breath freedom which would make you realise your responsibility.
  • In this campus, you would feel affection which would make you respect the right, the just & the positive.
  • In this campus, you would experience sincerity of purpose which would make you know the meaning of success & achievement.
  • What others describe achievements, in reality it is our whole hearted involvement and commitment.

College facilities


The li rary has more than 76,000 books. A magnificent reading hall is available for the students.
Book your success through books....
Books do decorate drawing rooms; but we have some which will embellish your intellect and emotions.
You have to remember the following : Some books are to be tasted.
Some are to be chewed.
Some to be digested.

The library has a key role in supporting the academic activities of the institutions by establishing, maintaining and promoting library and information services, both quantitatively and qualitatively. The library offers a wide range of services from reference to electronic information services.

The library have provide the following basic services:

  • Circulation Services
  • Clipping Services
  • Bibliographic compilation
  • Information display and notification services
  • Reference I referral services
  • Photocopy and printing services
  • User Orientation / Information Literacy h. Resource sharing /ILL
  • Internet I digital resources availability
  • 99 periodicals and Educational CD

Students : We value

  • Our students as individuals and their right to choice.
  • Continuous open communications with all constituents.

Professionalism : We expect

  • The highest standards of ethical conduct in making decisions and integrates efforts.
  • Professional, courteous and timely response to students in fulfilling their needs for access to service, support, information and technology to achieve their goals.
  • The trust of our students, teachers and employees.