The students should obey the instructions given by the Principal from time to time.
  • Students will be expelled from the college when found disobeying the orders of Principal.
  • The Students should be regular in attendance and his attendance for the day shall be marked only when  he is present  for all the session during the day.
  • The Student found irregular in attendance shall be expelled from the polytechnic.
  • Student is required to submit the assignment, failing  which he shall be subjected to the disciplinary action.
  • Student should carry identity card with him regularly.
  • If the Student cause any damage to polytechnic property, the damage cause shall be recovered from the student immediately.
  • Polytechnic expects  100%  attendance for theory and practical sessions, however some relaxation is possible to the extent of 10% on valid ground and with prior permission.
  • The attendance for the test and tutorials conducted in polytechnic is compulsory.
  • Strict silence should be observed in the library, Loitering in corridors is strictly prohibited.
  • Smoking in the premises is strictly prohibited.
  • The student should read notice board regularly and the polytechnic will not be responsible for the loss of any advantage due to negligence of reading notices on the pad of the students.
  • The above rules of discipline are always subject to change, modification, addition, omission or alternation.