We do spare the rod and do not spoil the students.

  • The students are advised to refer regularly to all notices displayed at various places on the notice board. Ignorance of the same shall not be entertained as an excuse.
  • A student must always possess his/her I Card which must be produced on the demand bathe College Authorities.
  • The students shall attend lectures, Practicals, Tutorials, Unit tests and and shall keep their guardians in touch with the progress.
  • The students should note that they will not be permitted to appear for the Board examinations if they fail to satisfy the College Authorities on any of the following grounds :
  • At least 75% attendance at Lectures/ Practicals
  • Attendance and performance at the college examinations tutorials,
  • Good behaviour and observance of discipline in the college premises.
  • Obedience of the instructions of teachers / staff and the other college authorities.
  • Payment of college f es as instructed.
  • Students should note that smoking, tobacco chewing, spitting etc. is strictly prohibited in the college campus.
  • Students  should not  carry  Mobile  or Cell Phones  in the campus  I classrooms or laboratories or during academic activities.
Rules of Discipline

  • Students must observe strict discipline in the college premises / campus and should not disturb the College / teaching & administration in any manner whatsoever.
  • Students should take proper care of the college property, and help in keeping the premises clean,neat and tidy.Any damage, whatsoever done will be treated as a serious breach of discipline and the cost of the damage(s) will be recovered from students.
  • No Society or Association shall be formed by the students in the College and no person should be invited to attend and address any meeting without prior permission of the PRINCIPAL.
  • Students should be regular and punctual in attending their lectures, practicals, tutorials and tests. Students should refrain from remaining absent, however if a student desires to remain absent for any genuine reason(s) prior permission of the Principal / H.O.D. should be taken.
  • Students should not loiter about and seat bear class rooms, laboratories, in veranda, stair case, cycle stand and play ground, that may cause disturbance to the academic I classes which are going on.They should either go to the library or leave the college premises, in case there are no lectures or practicals.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in college campus.
  • Annual Social Gathering and any similar programmes / functions which are likely to disruptive academic atmosphere on the college campus shall not be permitted.
  • Students should note that smoking, tobacco chewing, spitting etc. is strictly prohibited in the college campus.
  • Any one found indulging in any ragging within or outside the college shall be instantly expelled from the college.